High-society and Pirates in Reykjavík

I was on a party of Káj’s dad on Saturday, who is a DJ in Reykjavík and about to turn 40 (funny, I don’t think anyone in Germany would have his/her birthday party BEFORE the birthday). It really made me happy when Káj and Stefán agreed on taking me along as I was excited about meeting more Icelandic people and attending a “real Icelandic birthday party”. Well, the three of us were rather ignored mostly so I could focus on observing and trying to figure out my camera. I didn’t understand a word they said anyways… At that point I must admit I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping to get into interesting conversations and to get to know new people, but nobody was interested in me or my companions. It was still fun listening to Káj telling me who of those people was famous for what in Iceland. It was freezing cold and the girls wore way too little clothes and too much makeup. Stefán said the less they wear and the more makeup the more “high-class” they are. Well.


Furthermore I can proudly say I witnessed tonight the founding of a new association in Reykjavík – the “Young Pirates”. I went with the guys to a student club downtown, where the first meeting of the party took place. Again, I didn’t understand a word (or barely one) and no one was interested in talking to me. It might sound strange that I stress that fact so much, as I don’t mean to complain about it – but I must compare this trip to my stay in Canada, where everyone was just overwhelmingly open and talkative to anyone, no matter if stranger or friend. But this is just the complete opposite. In any case I’m planning to meet some other young pirates in order to figure out what their aims are and what’s their reason to go into politics. I felt shy to take pictures so I can only show you this incredible guy who was sitting next to the plant-wall and working. I don’t know why he fascinated me so much but the setting was perfect and he reminded me of Ken (yes, Ken from Barbie). By the way, you should check out the pictures on full screen…

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