No more nasty scrubs

Bird in a frame

It’s damn time to start writing again. Can hardly believe it’s been over half a year since my last entry… but well, I’m not gonna tell you anything about how time’s flying by now… I guess you all know best yourself.

Can’t exactly say it’s been boring lately. I had my first confrontation with “professional” journalism in the beginning of this year and I didn’t like it too much. It is scary how people simply get cynical and lethargic about what they’re doing, whereby most of them probably started just as enthusiastic and excited about that job, that is so “important for our democracy”, as I do. But that will become an blog entry on its own, I guess. Then I finished another semester at Uni, back in Germany now, missing the wind and the smell of Iceland. But finally doing some philosophy again, though constantly thinking what the heck I was even doing there… Otherwise those months just went by somehow and now I find myself in Berlin, doing an internship at the taz, which is a German-wide daily paper, with a left wing/ecologist orientation – which got damn professional though in the last decade… It already seems like a good place to be, as I am not gonna be the only weirdo walking around barefoot in the office, as I was in my last internship. It’s good not to be the misfit, somehow. Plus it seems that they will let me write a lot, in case I proof myself – which is by far not given for an intern in journalism (both – the possibilty to actually write and the proving).

So the plan is now to use this time in the  capital to put some thoughts together, to finally focus on writing again, which enables me to survive. Potentially get into photography again, but my brother has my camera which he will hopefully bring to me next week…

In the meanwhile, if you wanna listen to some damn good music, there you go.

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