Back on track ?

So, before we get started with this blog again I am very happy to announce my re-launch of the web-side. Miša was so kind to put a lot of work in it, reorganizing the structure, the layout and the content (many thanks!). We didnt get the chance to celebrate it yet, but I am sure we will soon : ) I fear it is loading a bit slow, we might work on this later. If there is anything else you notice please send me feedback!

And the greatest news is: you can post your comments! So I dont have to send my thoughts out there into the big black whole of the internet, but in fact we can now have some fruitful debate about all the things that I write here. So – don’t hesitate and tell me what you think.

And as I now have this amazing gallery and I am currently travelling in Canada once again I want to start with just posting some pictures that I took a while back (2010?) in Vancouver. I hope you enjoy.

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