It’s just a quote # 2

“I stored the fact that there were real glasses in the corner of my mind the way a squirrel stored a nut.” S. Plath.

“Currently every transition from being awake to sleeping and, much more, from sleeping to being awake is a small trauma. I don’t know the reason for it but getting up is unbearable at the moment. I feel like I am stuck in my sleep, like he doesn’t want to release me out of his claws. It has slightly depressive streaks, as there is nothing that seems to be able to motivate me to get up – quite the opposite, in fact. I mostly do things for university, just bluntly working stuff off and it works fairly well but it’s just not very exciting. M. gets up, makes coffee, and calls me then about five to ten times until I finally get up. He’s a treasure and I am glad that after the disaster with the trip to the US things get quiet again and some daily grind is back. My eating habit has literally gone back to normal, in the last weeks I have wasted notably little time and thoughts on food. Notably as I have become a small wale – US-metamorphosis.”

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