Quito: el centro histórico y su gente

So the nice thing about being able to stay longer in a foreign place than just for travels/touristic reasons is that I can wait for the right vibe, the right motivation to wrap my head around something, such as taking pics. It took me over a week to feel comfortable enough, less alien to walk around with a large-ass camera and try to get those images. I stand out enough for being, quite apperently, European. So, today was the day and I went to the historical centre of Quito, which apperently is one of the best preserved colonial city centres in Latin America. It’s a lively, crowded and noisy place of the historical centre of Quito, with some quiet and beautiful small paths here and there. It is easy to catch a smile, some people were welcoming me (“¡Bienvenidos a Ecuador, niña!”) and generally helpful. But let’s not confirm any popular stereotypes, have a look yourself.

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